Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

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Word Page Number Definition Sentence

Impenetrable 188 incapable of being penetrated or pierced "...sneaked forward to the edge of that impenetrable thicket that fronted the neck of land."
Formation 158 an act of giving form or shape to something or of taking form "They set off along the beach in formation."
Foliage 165 a cluster of leaves, flowers, and branches "Then he was crashing through foliage and small..."
Bounded 159 to set limits or bounds to "Suddenly Jack bounded out from the tribe and became screaming wildly."
Accord 158 to bring into agreement "...when they came in sight of it they stopped with one accord."
Partially 158 to some extent "He saw things partially through the tremble of the..."
Boughs 169 a branch of a tree "...and small boughs and was hidden by the forest."
Tribe 169 a social group comprising numerous families, clans, or generations together with slaves, dependents, or adopted strangers "...and fall into a well of sleep for fear of the tribe."
Quenched 158 to put out the light or fire "The charred sticks still lay on the rocks where the rain had quenched them but the sand..."
Tremble 158 to shake involuntarily "...through the tremble of the heat over the ..."
Swerved 165 to turn aside abruptly from a straight line or course "...and swerved over the open space so that the spears went wide."
Stooping 165 to bend the body or a part of the body forward and downward sometimes simultaneously bending the knees "He ran forward, stooping."
Charred 158 to convert to charcoal or carbon usually by heat "The charred sticks still lay on the rocks where the rain had quenched them but the sand..."
Unquenchable 158 unable to put out the inspiration or feelings "...worried now for a while but full of unquenchable vitality."
Possessed 165 influenced or controlled by something "He obeyed an instinct he did not know he possessed."
Intention 165 a determination to act in a certain way "... and as the tribe saw his intention the shrill cheer changed to a steady booing."
Mirage 13 something illusory and unattainable like a mirage "Piggy discounted all this learnedly as a mirage..."
Butts 158 the end of a weapon such as a gun or spear "They said little but trailed the butts of their wooden spears."
Instinct 27 a natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity "...they had known by some instinct that the sea lay on every side."
Hurled 165 to send or thrust with great vigor "He swung back his right arm and hurled the spear..."
Reef 57 a chain of rocks or coral or a ridge of sand at or near the surface of water "That's a reef but in the sea."
Compact 158 having a dense structure or parts or units closely packed or joined "The boys made a compact little group that moved over the beach..."
Swarmed 165 to form and depart from a hive in a swarm "...and the synonymous devils' faces swarmed across the neck."
Sheared 165 to cut or clip from someone or something "The point tore the skin and flesh over Ralph's ribs, then sheared off and fell in the water."
Shimmering 158 to shine with a soft tremulous or fitful light "...and screwed up his eyes against the shimmering water."
Scoured 158 to rub hard especially with a rough material for cleansing "There was no sign left of the storm, and the beach was swept clean like a blade that has been scoured."
Anonymous 165 not named or identified "A hushed and anonymous voiced broke in."
Panic 165 a sudden overpowering fright "...feeling not pain, but panic..."
Immense 158 marked by greatness especially in size or degree "The sky and the mountain were at an immense distance..."
Advance 140 to bring or move forward "...and the tribe, screaming like the chief, began to advance."


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