Woo hooo, got a new computer at work, here are the specs:

  • AMD Athlon 64 3500+
  • 1 gig DDR400, dual-channel RAM
  • 2 - 120 gig SATA 150 disks, running in a RAID 1 config

and heres the kicker:

I'm running Gentoo Linux on it with Linux kernel 2.6.7 and its running in native 64 bit mode! Yah its the old kernel, but I'll upgrade as soon as either a security patch is needed or when the Rieser4 filesystem is put in the mainline kernel. Right now I'm running ReiserFS 3.6 on my main partitions, its stable and does its job better than ext3 (in my opinion).

Anyway, this thing is blazing fast, it was pumping out new kernels in no time. I'll post some benchmarks soon as I'm currently compiling KDE 3.3 after already compiling the latest X.org-x11.

I love being on the bleeding edge :)