Whats on the menu?

I guess I was just thinking about long term goals and wanted to share what mine are, and see what yours are!

Get pilots license
I've got about 15 hrs logged in a Cessna 152 so far, with 25 hrs minimum to go to qualify for a private pilot license. I've always been interested in planes, ever since my parents took me to the airport for ice cream to watch the planes as a kid. I think I'll get the pilots license for both fixed- and rotor-wing craft (helicopters). I need lots of money to get this goal though. I was burning through cash to get my 15 hrs so far. My Dad wants to buy a yacht and I think it would be awesome to get one with a helipad on it :) Ohhh yeah. Super pimp.

Fully decked out home theater
I'm working on a HT system for my Dad's remodel, and its got me excited. When I get some cash...well a lot of cash...I'd love to buy me a full-on theater. I could easily drop $100k on it and not think twice about it. $10k pre-processors and separate amps for each of say 10 speakers? Hi-def projection and a 10' acoustically transparent screen would round out the experience I think. Oh, don't forget the "shakers" and the LCD home integration remote (lighting, HVAC, popcorn maker, etc) to go along with that. Mmmmm. A/V toys.

Have a family
Long term, but yah sometime it would be nice to "settle down", find the right girl and have a baby or two. I think I've been playing the Sims 2 too much haha. The other day I was playing the game and saw my Sim baby walk for the first time and I actually got excited! My jaw dropped and I just felt so happy. Then I looked around to make sure no one was watching me, hehe.

Those are the big things for now. What about you? What are all you guys and gals going to do long term?