Well I've been keeping a low profile since I messed up my foot. I don't like going out unless I have to so I've been spending time watching TV, movies, playing Halo 2 and starting today, Half-life 2.

I've got a few things left to finish on my website before I say "see ya" to LiveJournal. Deepest Sender/LiveJournal API integration, comment support, and RSS syndication. After that I'll shut down and/or stop posting to LJ and just use ianneubert.com.

Why? Because LJ is way too freakin' slow. I click on a link to check comments and it always seems to take forever to bring up the page. My site, is tons faster. I'm also anal about control, and its fun to code with new stuff. :-)

So anyway thats been the last few days and probably the next few as well. ;-)