Every three years I have an important decision to make. A decision that could significantly impact the three years following. It's time to get a new car!!

So the lease on my three year old Lexus is coming due in June '05 and I need to figure out what I'm getting soon so I have enough time in case I need to import the car. When I got Lexi (as I call her now and then) I had to wait two or three months while she was built and shipped from Japan. An excruciating time, let me tell you.

Anyway, so in my quest for a new car the first decision will be what type? I've narrowed it down to three types with some cars I like in that category, in order of current preference:

Features are the most important thing in a new car for me. Gotta have the toys :) Then styling and performance. I'm seriously leaning towards the convertible, just because of how sweet they look though. It's going to be a tough decision!

I'll be writing a matrix comparing and weighing the details of these models in the next month or so and will post what I find. In the mean time, anyone know a cool looking car that I missed?

PS: My car will look like 2005, not 1965 (so pretty much every American car is out the door, minus Cadillac), sucks for the American companies, I'd love to buy USA, but not if this is what they have to offer :(