I just got a new ISP at the office, InterNAP, they are AWESOME. Instead of owning their own backbone across the country or the world they simply setup a datacenter and connect it to about TEN different major ISPs in the area. Then they use some fancy route optimazitions and poof, instant super-sized ISP.

The beauty of their design is just amazing. Why own the expensive fibre, when you can lease it and get the value of being directly connected to all the major backbones?

This lets me connect to them and in only ONE hop within their local PNAP (what they call a POP site) I'm on the backbone of ten other ISPs.

In effect it puts me closer to the Internet than I've ever been before. I chekced a bunch of traceroute sites from around the world and it seemed that to most places in Europe and Asia I'm only about 10 hops away now. Thats just incredible. I love it! I should have switched sooner.