I really hate shopping, especially for groceries. It's just one of those things that you have to do over and over and over again. So I thought I'd turn to my good friend the Internet to provide some relief.

The premise is great:

  • Create shopping lists that you can reuse with just a click
  • No waiting in long lines, or for slow people
  • Get all the same discounts/rewards that you would in-store
  • Professional grocers to pick your fresh food

Albertsons.com's nasty applesUnfortunetly, albertsons.com seriously missed the ball. I placed my order on Sunday afternoon for a pickup the following day at their local store. Standing around for fifteen(!) minutes in the store, waiting for the clerk to get my order was not what I had planned. I could have done that myself. Stupidly, I didn't check what they gave me and just packed it up in the car and left.

I get home and find that not only did they forget five items from my order, but they gave me a bag full of rotten apples! I mean these things were bad! Rotted out chunks; bruises everywhere; just disgusting.

Albertsons.com's only saving grace was a nice lady in their support department that credited me back for the apples and missing items. Otherwise, it would have been a complete disaster.

I sure hope the rest of the Internet grocery shops aren't this bad. It's unacceptable and, in my opinion, ruins the name of the Internet and all shopping therein, not to mention the name Albertson's.

Check out these nasty apples.