This is very, very interesting. Apple plans to start using Intel CPUs in all of its machines in two years. Here are some predictions about what might happen in the next two to five years:

  • You will be able to run Windows on Apple Mac hardware
  • Someone will hack Mac OS X to run on a plain old PC, natively
  • Apple will create it's own Office-like software, or use, so it can...
  • ...start selling Mac OS XI for use on plain old PCs
  • Microsft will be peeing their pants from the potential onslaught of Mac OS XI and Linux knocking at its door
  • Apple increases market share in both client OSs and PCs shipped
  • I start running Mac OS X in testing and eventually OS XI in production

We'll see, but the possibilities of this are huge and we could be seeing a major event in computing. Things will definitely be exciting in the next few years!