I've been playing with Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) for a few days now and have found the following to be extremely annoying versus using KDE 3.3 on Linux. So annoying, that if I can't solve them soon, I'm selling my new Mac Mini.

  1. Windows open on top of each other. KDE 3.3 positions new windows so they minimize overlap.
  2. Windows don't snap together. I love how KDE will snap windows to the edges of the screen and other windows; it makes organizing lots of windows cake.
  3. No built in ogg/vorbis support, couldn't get a couple solutions to work in iTunes.
  4. Can't click red X icon to quit a program, it just closes the window and leaves the program running in the background.
  5. Home and end keys don't work, you have to press two keyboard buttons to do the same thing. LAME!
  6. Middle mouse button doesn't do anything. On KDE I use it mostly to open/close tabs in Firefox, which is very important.
  7. Had to install drivers to make forward/backward buttons on my mouse work. And even that is a lame workaround, it just makes the mouse emulate the equivalent keyboard strokes.
  8. Maximizing windows doesn't fill the whole screen. If I maximize Firefox, it will fill the height of the screen only to the top of the taskbar/menubar, and leaves like 80 pixels of width open (wtf?)
  9. Firefox has to download a playlist file to the desktop to play it, so you get loads of files laying around, this should be transparent. It just gets annoying.
  10. 1.25Ghz is really slow. I notice lag between starting programs, moving around, and booting up. Probably mostly related to the slow harddisk and CPU.
  11. No front-facing USB ports. Plugging in a USB memory stick, is a PITA.

Wow, I'm almost conviced to put it up on eBay tonight.