I've been thinking recently about why I blog. Why do I put up sometimes personal information to millions of strangers? Why not encrypt it? Password protect it? Make it proprietary and control it?

Then I stumbled upon this in Wired, and it hit the spot:

"I run a blog about cool tools. I write it for my own delight and for the benefit of friends. The Web extends my passion to a far wider group for no extra cost or effort. In this way, my site is part of a vast and growing gift economy, a visible underground of valuable creations - text, music, film, software, tools, and services - all given away for free. This gift economy fuels an abundance of choices. It spurs the grateful to reciprocate. It permits easy modification and reuse, and thus promotes consumers into producers." - Kevin Kelly, We Are the Web, Wired 13.08

I blog for my own fun. I blog to share my passions. I blog to empower humanity.