Welp it's been awhile, but I'm finally going to update! (please hold your applause)

Few big things happened since my last update:

Trip to Utah
I spent Memorial Day weekend up in Utah hanging with my friend Derek. Very fun trip! I drove up with a couple friends and spent the weekend just kinda hanging out. Played a bit of Xbox, saw X-Men III, and played some social games with Derek's Utah friends.

I learned a new game called 'Questions?' and it was the most fun I've had in a long time. If you've ever seen 'Who's Line Is It Anyway?' then you may have seen it. Everyone sits in a circle and the goal is to continually ask questions. If you make a statement, you're out. Sounds simple, but once you get going it can get really intense. We even added some rules to make it more difficult:

  • You must ask related questions
  • You only get 5 seconds to respond

We got into some pretty hilarious topics. There must have been two or three marriage proposals, questions about girdles, and even an offer to go to a gay bar.

That was one fun night. Derek's got some really cool friends up in UT!

Becoming a Mac head
I know I've tried the Mac thing before, but it seems different this time. Maybe it's because of using a fast and portable laptop versus my old and slow-as-heck Mac Mini. Or perhaps it's because I've had more time to figure things out.

Either way, I'm liking this whole Mac thing. If anyone asks me which computer they should buy, I'm now telling them to get a Mac. In fact, one of my friends is already getting a new one. My favorite things about it:

  • Intel chips make it one fast machine
  • Never rebooting for software is awesome
  • Never installing drivers; things really do "just work"
  • Never crashing
  • Little things like it remembering the position of external monitors, and never having to click an "Apply" button
  • Integration: iEverything works together and seems smooth
  • Cool software for free: GarageBand, iDVD, iMovie HD

Turned off AIM
I should mention that I've pretty much stopped using AIM and MSN now. I've switched over to Google Talk, so if you use that, lemme know!