I was writing on my blog pretty well for alittle while there and then I stopped. I guess I've just been really busy..

Fourth of July
I had a great time on the Fourth! I went to my friend's house in Yorba Linda and had some good BBQ ribs, watched Independence Day, and my favorite part.. saw the fireworks! We bought an official Ultimate frisbee and planned on playing some toss at the park, but by the time we got there the place was crowded! There was hardly enough room to find a spot for the blanket, let alone to toss a frisbee. The fireworks were great of course, synchronized to music, including one of my favorite patriotic songs of all time: Proud to be an American. It was a lot a fun!

Summer at the movies
I've been spending a lot of time at the movies recently too, in the last two weeks I've seen: Cars, Superman Returns, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. It would be tough to order them, but I think I would have to say Cars, then Pirates, and then Superman at the rear.

Cars was soo funny. I love Pixar! They even had a car that was just like me, he got "lost" and his GPS was telling him that the onramp was just up the way. Hahaha.

Pirates was pretty fun though. My biggest problem with this movie was that it felt like it should have ended with "To be continued..." tag line. The movie felt like it just quit right in the middle of it! Granted, it had gone on for a couples hours, but the story was not finished! I can't wait to see what happens in the next one.

Superman was pretty good. The graphics and visuals were tons better than the past movies (duh), but I'd say they were as good as any I've seen in any movie, and maybe better than even Batman Begins. The problem with Superman for me were the idiots that Lex Luthor keeps around him. Why would a smart, world conquering, type guy hang around a bunch of complete morons? Not to mention the fact that Lex's plan was pretty stupid to begin with. Oh well, I like Superman, I mean, he's Superman how can you not like him?!

Personal journal
I need to augment my blog with a more personal journal, but I'm not sure how I want to do it yet. I'm thinking that I will use a particular tag to mark a post as being personal and then encrypting the post. This will let me get back to those posts easily, but won't allow me to properly tag them, unless I want to leave those tags in the clear.

I suppose I could also setup another blog on this software and restrict access to it. Maybe that's the best way. Of course all posts would still be encrypted using Top Secret level encryption standards, so we're not talking about f-locks here (sorry folks).

Maybe there is some other software out there that can integrate a blog with a personal log (plog?)?