Has anyone started to use this website called Twitter? It's a community driven, Web 2.0, hipster-fueled, social, website... thingy. It allows you to enter short texts from a wide range of devices: IM, cell phone (SMS), website, etc. And share them via RSS to everyone else. It's marketed as being a place where you can find out what all your friends are doing in near real time.

My questions are: what is the point? And, is anyone I know using it?

I'll use it for today, but so far it seems like a huge waste of time to constantly update this thing. Do you really care where I am or what I'm doing all day? Do I care what you are doing? I think I'm more interested in the larger things that you do. The stuff you're going to write about in your blog!

What do you think?

UPDATE: Just saw this video on RocketBoom. Yup! Pain in the butt!