Forza 2 - Turbo IS350

Phew! This game is awesome! It's been talking up almost all of my time recently. I'm about 20% of the way through the game and probably 40% through the career mode. There's just something about taking a car and customizing it to the point that it only resembles the original car in its body shape. Take my Turbo IS350 for example. I've ramped it up from it's default class C482 to a class U999, which means its higher ranked than just about anything on the street.

That's what happens though when you can upgrade everything from the engine block to the width of the tires. I love it!

Update: This car is rated U999 with the following stats:

  • Top Speed 7.3
  • Acceleration 7.0
  • Braking 6.1
  • Handling 5.8
  • Rarity 9.4

Here are some specs:

Update: You can follow my Forza 2 photostream at Flickr!