So I've been running Leopard now for over a week on a few different machines, in the office and out of it. Here are a few points that I've noticed about it:

The Good:

  • Upgrade was a piece of cake, but took awhile at about an hour and a half
  • I love the new spaces feature
  • The new iChat is awesome, all its great video features work over Google Talk!
  • Stacks are very nice and have cleaned up my desktop
  • You can use iPhoto libraries on your desktop (even RSS feeds!) and automatically rotate them
  • The new iPhoto screen saver has a photo mosaic mode, very cool
  • Screen sharing (built in VNC) is great, and piece of cake to use
  • Time machine seems to work well over a network share, even on laptops that aren't always on the network
  • Time machine's interface is just plain cool and easy to use
  • The new transparent menus are very nice, same with the dock and menu bar

The Bad:

  • Cyberduck won't upload files edited in an external editor
  • Shrook crashed at startup, but is now fixed
  • VMware and Parallels seem to be slightly more unstable on Leopard
  • iChat is still missing features that Adium has: like a quick way to view chat history