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I just downloaded Miro 1.0, which used to be called Democracy player. It combines an RSS news reader, with a Bittorrent client, and specializes in playing video files. There are many built in video RSS feeds to choose from, including many that are in HD, and all of them are DRM free.

The idea behind Miro is awesome. Instead of watching (or recording) live TV and tuning in to a program at the right time at the right channel, you just subscribe to it. Kinda like how season passes work on a Tivo, any new programs will just appear in the player. Internet+RSS+Video=No more TV.

The big problem right now is content. The shows I want to watch: CSI, Heroes, etc. Are all owned by Big Media, who have no clue how to use the Internet, and so I can't just subscribe to the Heroes RSS feed and watch each new episode when it comes out. If that ever happens, then I'll be in "TV" heaven.