As I type this Steve Jobs is still giving his Keynote presentation at Macworld in San Francisco. The most interesting thing that I was looking forward to was anything to do with movies on the iTunes store and HD. As it turns out, they will be supporting HD movies in the movie store, at least for rentals. Here are the rental specs:

iTunes Movie Rentals

  • HD quality
  • $3 library titles, $4 new titles, extra $1 for HD
  • 30 days to start watching
  • 24 hours to finish watching
  • Movies can be streamed

$4 for new releases?! What are they thinking? Here's a quick comparison with my Netflix account. In December, I rented 8 movies, and it cost me $15.07. Some quick math: $1.88 per movie. And that's in HD!! That pricing scheme is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd never spend that much to rent a movie anymore, not with great alternatives like Netflix around.