Check out the new sidebar on my website. Now you can listen to almost any of the songs that I've put on my Hitz compilations, right from your web browser. No more dealing with stupid iTunes. Yay! Unfortunetly, only gives me one playlist, so you'll have to scroll to the bottom of the list to see the latest songs.

last.fmSo I've gotten sick of using iTunes to handle my Hitz music mixes. Aside from constantly getting random errors from the iTunes client (which is preventing me from editing my last Hitz, which should have two songs from Paramore), I don't like that you can't listen to it directly from my website and users have to be using iTunes.

I went looking for a suitable replacement and I found Wow, these guys have come a long way from what they did when they first started. They had every song, except one that I've put on my playlists, which I think is pretty danged good.