I haven't really been listening to too much new music lately, but I have gotten a couple new tracks worth sharing.

Finger Eleven - ParalyzerThe first comes from a song that I've heard recently on KROQ. It's made by a band named Finger Eleven and has a catchy chorus and nice hard rock riffs. It's called Paralyzer and it's quite cool.

Flyleaf - I’m So SickI heard this next song while watching the movie, Die Another Day. It's has almost a metal sound to it, with somewhat screaming lyrics. But it also has a chorus that gets stuck in my head. Anyway, it's called I'm So Sick, by Flyleaf. This song is also featured on Rock Band, it's fun to play it! I'll be blogging soon about Rock Band. I love it.

As always, you can listen to the new songs in the last.fm player on my website.