Granted, it's April 1st, but I've been lazy with my blogging lately. So here goes the March Hitz list, in April.

Foo Fighters -  Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace The first song on my list comes from the Foo Fighter's new album called Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. The song is called The Pretender. As you can tell, if you have been following my music posts, I'm really into the alternative rock sound right now. Anything with a great guitar and drum riff, with memorable lyrics, I'm all over it.

I've listened to The Good Left Undone by Rise Against, more than the other songs on this month's list. Again, the guitar riffs and easy to remember lyrics just get stuck in my head and won't leave. I just wish I could get this song on Rock Band. Oh and by the way, if you haven't played Rock Band yet, your missing out.

I found this next song on a KROQ playlist. It's by Serj Tankian, and it's called Empty Walls. This guy has some of the most unique music out there in the mainstream, if you ask me. He has a classical kind of sound to him, almost like a mix between a classical composer, Queen, and KISS. And how can you not be interested in a song made a guy that looks like this:

And finally, The Western World by Pennywise. While this song has been getting massive airplay, we wouldn't know that right? Who listens to the radio anymore? I just wish I could find this song in a [CLEAN] version.