Apple announced the 3G iPhone today. It's a pretty small feature enhancement, only three new things:

  • 3g Network
  • GPS built in
  • $200 for 8gb, $300 for 16gb

I think the best upgrade is the price. I was hoping for a lot more I guess, because that just doesn't seem all that exciting. There are still a bunch of holes:

  • No MMS support
  • No stereo Bluetooth
  • No video recording support

They basically just changed the chipset inside and called it a day. Whoopie.

UPDATE: The price is not cheaper in the long run, it's a lot more expensive. The new iPhone 3G plan will cost me $75/mo, compared to $60/mo for the original. That means I would end up spending $160 more for the new iPhone over 2 years, versus the original.