After coming back from vacation my Mitsubishi LaserVue L65-A90 TV would not start. It had a solid red LED status indicator and would not turn on.

After talking to a local technician he gave me the following steps to try:

On the TV press and hold the Menu and Input buttons for 5 seconds.

This will trigger the system to report an error code using the power LED light. It blinked once, then paused, then blinked 9 times, indicating error code 19.

He said this error code indicated that the "receiver was locked".

He then had me do the following to unlock and restart it:

Hold Menu and Channel Up for 5 seconds. Status light turns to green for 3 seconds. Then, hold Menu and Channel Down for 5 seconds.

Seemed a lot like resetting the CMOS on a computer to me.

After that the TV is working perfectly fine! Although, he said it may not work in all cases.

Big thank you to Ultimate Audio Video in Laguna Hills, CA! They helped me fix my TV over the phone for free!