My name is Ian Neubert. I am a sys admin, web developer, bug tester, and all around geek. I have a wide range of skills in many different environments, and am able to learn and adapt quickly to any computer challenge.

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sys admin

Engineering systems to work at web scale. I’ve used Amazon Web Services for years, and am capable of building systems that automatically scale up and down as needed. Using Docker let’s me isolate services from each other and deploy them to servers automatically.

web developer

I believe that code is art. Ruby, Go, and JavaScript are the brushes and an open text editor the canvas. I craft code that’s driven by user input, passionately and diligently iterated towards perfection.

bug crusher

I can find bugs in any software. They creep in to even the most well-planned and crafted code, so having a plan to find them before customers do is my priority.